CISO strategy coaching workshops now available

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(October 31, 2022)
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Purchasing a workshop

It can be helpful to augment your team with outside expertise. CISO coaching workshops provide a low-cost option to help when completing your CYBER HEAT MAP assessment and planning for future improvements.

You can now purchase a workshop retainer right through the CampusCISO website! Simply select “Manage Account” –> “Purchase CampusCISO Upgrades” from the menu.

This will take you to the store where you can upgrade your CampusCISO membership or purchase a strategy coaching workshop.

Screenshot - Manage Account - Purchase Upgrades menu

1) Select the workshop service

Once you access the purchase menu, select the coaching workshops link.

Screenshot - Manage Account - Purchase Upgrades Store

2) Select either "Virtual" or "In-Person" delivery format

CISO strategy coaching workshops are available in virtual or in-person formats.

Virtual workshops provide up to 4 hours of assistance to help complete your CYBER HEAT MAP assessment, review your current and desired security capabilities, and help shape an investment roadmap.

In-person workshops provide up to 8 hours of assistance at your campus. These workshops are all inclusive, and include all labor, travel, and other costs for a fixed fee.

Automatic discounts

If you have a premium CampusCISO subscription, you will automatically get discounts applied for both the physical and virtual workshops.

We designed the discounts for in-person workshops to be enough to offset a full year of CampusCISO premium membership.

3) Complete retainer agreement

Once you complete your workshop purchase, you’ll receive the retainer agreement to complete prior to holding the workshop. You’ll have 180 days to schedule the workshop once complete.

Free consultation

To discuss and review the retainer prior to purchasing the service online, you can schedule a free consultation to review the contract and ask questions you might have about the coaching service

Screenshot - Workshop retainer agreement sample

4) Schedule your workshop

Once you’ve completed your retainer, we’ll enable the primary account manager for your customer instance to schedule workshops directly through the CampusCISO portal.

Just access “Online Resources” –> “Schedule Coaching Workshop” to reach this menu.

Screenshot - Schedule coaching workshop