Introducing CampusCISO

(October 22, 2022)

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This quick overview shows how CampusCISO helps colleges and universities simplify and strengthen their cybersecurity strategy. 

CampusCISO provides cybersecurity capability assessment tools, compliance analysis reports, vendor research, and staff skills assessment capabilities in an online portal. We tailored these tools to the unique needs of higher education.

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Want to use CampusCISO at your institution?

Sign up today and start taking advantage of the CampusCISO™ platform to simplify and strengthen your university cybersecurity strategy assessments and planning.

  • CampusCISO™ Community membership is free
  • Valid college or university email address required to register
  • No credit card required
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Screenshot - Sample - Program Benchmark Report

Using the premium benchmarking features

Comparing your assessment results with other institutions Benchmarking reports are a powerful feature available to paid CampusCISO members. These reports let you compare your assessment