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“Institution Profile” updates coming soon

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+ November 7, 2022
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Institution Profile maintenance

We’re working on enhancements to the institution profile features, and we plan to release the new tools at the end of November.

While we’re making the updates, we’ve removed the link to edit the institution profile from the dashboard area. (See screenshot example to the right.)

If you go to the page directly, you won’t be able to view or edit your profile data (such as headcount and budget statistics) until we finish these updates.

Screenshot - Dashboard - Institution Profile link

What are we changing?

Collect more demographic data

We are expanding the institution profile to collect additional demographic data that is not already available from other public data sources.

Completing the demographic profile is optional, but we will start providing comparison data to help benchmark your cybersecurity capabilities based on this data.

Screenshot - Institution Profile worksheet
Current institution profile worksheet only collects information security headcount and budget data
DRAFT - Information Security Program Status report
DRAFT mock up of new institution information security profile report. Nov 2022.

Create new program summary report

We’ve been working with some of our early member schools to create a high-level program summary report.

We shaped this report based on requests and input from campus leaders in the CIO and CISO roles. It’s designed to show the key capabilities of your institution’s information security program when compared against other similar institutions.

This report is the beginning of our benchmarking capabilities within the CampusCISO portal. Once we have enough completed assessments from active members, we will start enabling reports that help compare your program against peer institutions.

New program summary feature availability

We plan to release the new program summary report and institution profile worksheet functionality in late November 2022. Watch for an announcement and tutorials when we complete them later this month. 

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