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(November 9, 2022)
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Screenshot showing the "Submit feature request" link with a circle around it

Use the "Submit feature request" link

If you have an idea to make the CampusCISO portal more useful, let us know! We’re constantly adding new features and updating the tool based on feedback from users.

For example, a user recently asked for the ability to edit their assessment details from the summary report view rather than having to jump back to the dashboard and then open the individual assessment worksheet.

We hadn’t thought about this workflow, but it makes a lot of sense! We were able to add it, and not everyone has a smoother path to edit their worksheet after completing the initial assessment.

Screenshot - Link to edit from reports

You can use the feature request link to submit ideas to improve the site.

  • Report any bugs that you find while using the tool.
  • Submit ideas for enhancements.
  • Request updates to the vendor directory if we don’t have a solution or service that you’re using.
  • Request updates to the compliance analysis tool.

You can also send an email to [email protected] if you need immediate assistance. 

We appreciate feedback from users as we continue to improve the usefullness of the CampusCISO website! Keep ’em coming!