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(December 5, 2022)
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New ability to update institution security profile from the dashboard

We’ve launched new profile data entry screens , which you can access from the CampusCISO dashboard.

We’ll use the data from these profiles to create the Institution Security Program Status report. We designed this report with input from multiple CIOs and CISOs to summarize an institution’s information security program status in a one-page chart.

This report will also be the first benchmarking feature we add to the CampusCISO portal! In time, we plan to add more benchmarking capabilities to help compare your institution’s security program to other similar institutions. 

DRAFT - Information Security Program Status report

Completing the institution security profile

Access the profile worksheet from the main dashboard

You can access the Institution Security Profile summary page from the main dashboard by clicking the link near the top of the page.

You can also access the profile from the CYBER HEAT MAP menu.

Screenshot - Institution Security Profile link

Enter your staffing and budget data

At the top of the profile screen, you’ll see the forms to enter your information security and IT staffing and budget information.

If you have distributed IT and/or information security teams, you can enable the fields to enter data for the distributed units by selecting the checkbox at the top of the form.

Review your profile questionnaire answers

At the bottom of the profile screen, you’ll see a list of questions. The answers to these questions are combined with other data from your CYBER HEAT MAP assessment, your compliance readiness analysis reports, and other public data to create your Institution Security Program Status.

To complete each question, click the link to the right. The summary table also shows if you already answered the question and, if yes, what the current value is.

Update individual profile questions

When you answer each question, you’ll see a multi-choice set of options to set the value for each item.

There is also a “Comments” box to provide additional context. This is especially important if you’re working with multiple team members to help ensure there’s no confusion about the answers provided.

Next steps...

If you need assistance completing your profile, please email [email protected] and we’ll help you get started.

We are working on the Institution Security Program Status report, and we plan to release it by the end of December.