Team managers can edit account details

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(January 4, 2023)
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Update name and role for existing accounts

If you have the CampusCISO™ Advanced subscription, you can invite your team to collaborate on your assessment and complete a skills inventory to help identify the expertise you have on your team. (Learn more about premium memberships here.)

In the past, if you wanted to change an account from a user to a manager, or vice versa, you needed to delete and recreate the user. 

Now managers can edit the account right from the team management page!

You can edit the first name, last name, and role (user / manager) from the team management screen. This will preserve any skills inventory data that the user entered and give you additional flexibility to add and remove account managers from your instance as needed.

If you need to change the email address, you can either submit a support ticket or delete the old account and create a new account.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: if you delete an account, all skills inventory data associated with that account will also be deleted!)

CampusCISO Advanced license needed

For an account manager to have access to the team management screen and the skills inventory reports, they also need a CampusCISO Advanced premium membership.

Purchasing an upgrade

The user can upgrade their account using the “Purchase Upgrades” link inside the web portal. Upgrades can be purchased as monthly or annual subscriptions.

Upgrading with a coupon

CISO Coaching customers get a coupon code to upgrade some accounts at no cost. To activate a free account, simply apply the coupon to the checkout cart and then proceed with a $0 purchase to complete the upgrade.