New Capability Adoption Score History

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(February 15, 2023)
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Review your historical capability adoption scores and benchmarking data

(Available to Advanced and Essential paid subscribers)

The “Capability Assessment – Snapshot Details” reports allow you to review your answers at the time you saved a snapshot. We added a new view to this report that shows your historic capability adoption scores and benchmarking data. 

The new “Capability Adoption Score History” report will help you review your improvements over time and compare your capabilities with other schools.

If you have a CampusCISO Essential or CampusCISO Advanced membership, you’ll see a new toggle to access this new data. (See screenshot.)

When you select this toggle, you’ll see your historical CYBER HEAT MAP adoption scores for this capability and the benchmark comparison data comparing the adoption score to all schools that have completed assessments.

If you have the free CampusCISO Community membership, the history and benchmarking data will not appear in your report view. As soon as you upgrade to a paid subscription, you’ll see this report enhancement.

Keep submitting your ideas for enhancements

A CampusCISO member suggested this enhancement after they were exploring the new benchmark reports. 

If you have ideas to make the CampusCISO application better and more useful as a planning tool, you can either submit the idea using the “Submit feature request” link on the web portal or by emailing [email protected].