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(February 1, 2023)
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New features released as part of update

We added some significant new features in the latest  CampusCISO web portal update.

Look for tutorial videos explaining how to use these features in the coming days, but here’s a quick overview of the major changes. If you have questions about these updates, please email [email protected]

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New Benchmark and Trend Reports

Now that more schools are using the CampusCISO assessments, we’ve been able to add benchmarking reports to help compare your cybersecurity capabilities with other institutions.

You can also view the historical scores for each CYBER HEAT MAP and Institution Profile category.

As we continue to add new users, we’ll add the ability to compare your data to similar institutions rather than just comparing against the aggregate of all CampusCISO users. (So please encourage your colleages at other schools to participate!)

Saved Assessment Snapshots

This provides a MAJOR enhancement that many of you have been asking for! Instead of reviewing a point-in-time summary of your assessment, you can now save snapshots that are used for the reports and recommendations.

Saving a snapshot preserves a copy of:

  • Your institution security profile data
  • All CYBER HEAT MAP assessment worksheets
  • Your vendor inventory
  • All skills inventory worksheets completed by your users (for Advanced subscription members only)

Updated Improvement Recommendations Report

We made two major changes to the improvement recommendations report.

First, the report is now available to ALL CampusCISO users. (Not just members with a paid premium subscription!)

Second, we enhanced the report to provide recommendations based on priority instead of showing a simple rank-stacked list. Now you can see each potential capability improvement in context of four categories:

  • Highest Priority
  • High Priority
  • Moderate Priority
  • Low Priority

These priority recommendations take into account your deployed capabilities, your gaps and how they impact other capabilities, whether you have purchased solutions that aren’t in use (i.e. shelfware), and whether you have team members who reported having skills that could support that particular capability.

Streamlined Assessment Worksheet

There are a few improvements to the assesment worksheet that will streamline your data entry and update processes.

Worksheet opens in new browser tab

Based on user feedback, we changed the worksheets to open in a new tab. This makes it easier to go back to your place in the list.

Simpler Worksheet Navigation

We simplified the worksheet navigation to a streamlined two-tab structure.

Single Inventory List

We consolidated all vendor products and managed services into a single list. This makes it easier to see all potential options in one screen instead of having to pivot between the “Solution” and “Service” lists.