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(February 8, 2023)
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Quickly identify vendors that could help strengthen your cybersecurity

The new “Suggested Vendors” report helps you identify potential vendors to explore based on your completed capability assessment data.

At the top of the report, you’ll see a chart showing the top 10 vendors sorted by how the vendors’ solutions can help improve your current capability gaps.


The report details include a link to the Vendor Fit Report for each vendor. You can also download a CSV or PDF report showing potential vendors to explore for your environment.

Note that this report is based solely on which vendors have solutions that match capability gaps in your environment, and it is not an endorsement of any particular vendor.

Screenshot - Suggested Vendors - Menu - 2023-02-08_12-20-55

To acces the “Suggested Vendors” report, simply select it from the Vendor Reports category in the Reports menu.