May 2023 CampusCISO Feature Updates

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(April 30, 2023)
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We released some major updates this weekend:

  • Vendor reviews and ratings
  • Streamlined navigation when completing assessments
  • New inventory management screen
  • Various cosmetic improvements
We’ll cover the vendor rating enhancements in more detail in a post next week.

NEW! Vendor reviews and ratings

As our community of higher education security and technology leaders continues to expand, a common request has been to provide ways to collaborate with other users.

The first step of this collaboration is our new vendor ratings.

We’ll write a separate article explaining this feature in more detail, but you can start exploring it today. You’ll see links throughout the site that give you an opportunity to share your insights about vendor solutions you’ve used and how well they work in higher education settings.

Screenshot - Vendor Summary and Ratings
Screenshot - Vendor Summary and Ratings

NEW! Inventory Management Screen

The new Inventory Management screen can be accessed from the CYBER HEAT MAP assessment menu.

This screen lets you review all of the vendor solutions in your inventory, add new ones, and remove ones you no longer use without needing to open individual capability assessment worksheets!

When you add or remove a solution from your inventory, the system automatically updates all of the capabilities that map to that solution.

The status on impacted capabilities is automatically moved to “Needs Review”  so you can make any adjustments that are needed based on your new vendor solution.

Screenshot - Inventory Management Screen
Screenshot - Inventory Management Screen

Streamlined Navigation

Some users encountered challenges if they opened multiple assessment worksheets at the same time. I’ll be the first to admit that the website was a little cumbersome in the earlier iterations!

We’ve implemented a new popup format that helps you review & update worksheets and then return to the summary view.

This new popup workflow is included in the following areas:

  • CYBER HEAT MAP Assessment Worksheets
  • User Skills Inventory Worksheets
  • Vendor rating and review worksheets
  • User assessment details (for account managers to view individual user profiles and training recommendations)

You can see an illustration of the CYBER HEAT MAP Assessment workflow to the right.

Animated Screenshot - Updating CYBER HEAT MAP assessment worksheet
Animated Screenshot - Updating CYBER HEAT MAP assessment worksheet

Other updates

You’ll notice quite a few cosmetic updates throughout the site as well.

  • We updated reports that truncated some vendor solution names to allow longer descriptions (such as the Vendor Fit report shown to the right.)
  • We’ve started adding vendor and solution descriptions throughout the site. In many places, you’ll see a toggle option to turn the verbose descriptions on and off. 


We also updated the look and feel of the entire website with a focus on fixing inconsistent workflows and removing non-essential features that slowed the website performance.

Screenshot - Vendor Solution Fit
Screenshot - Vendor Solution Fit