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An online community built to provide affordable cybersecurity strategy assessment, CISO coaching, and advising services tailored to the needs of the higher education community

Our mission

After over 20 years in higher education technology and information security leadership, including both vendor and campus roles, Chris Schreiber created CampusCISO to help colleges and universities with affordable cybersecurity strategy assessment and planning solutions.

Addressing the most common cybersecurity questions in higher education

Chris has worked with hundreds of colleges and universities throughout his career. From this vantage point, he saw that campus technology leaders have a few questions they need answered when assessing and planning their cybersecurity programs.

How mature is my cybersecurity program?

What capabilities does my institution need?

How should I prioritize new investments?

What vendors and solutions can help achieve my goals?

What solutions are used by my peers?

Keeping the advisory and planning solutions affordable

Having spent most of his career in higher education, Chris knows first hand that most institutions must also work with budget constraints and limited staff resources while protecting their institutions’ cyber assets. With this in mind, CampusCISO is designed as a a low cost solution that can help college and university IT and information security teams simplify and strengthen their cybersecurity programs.

Our approach

The online CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment tool helps institutions quickly assess their cybersecurity capabilities, identify their current maturity readiness level, and prioritize potential improvement areas.

CampusCISO includes a directory with hundreds of vendor solutions and services used across higher education. These are mapped to the CYBER HEAT MAP model, helping to identify solutions that might be used to address capability gaps.

CampusCISO uses data from 4,100+ colleges and universities in the United States to build a unique risk profile for each school. In time, this data will be used to provide benchmarking data as part of the assessment and planning process.

About Chris Schreiber

Christian “Chris” Schreiber is a higher education cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience supporting institutions of all sizes. His prior roles included serving as CISO at the University of Chicago, the University of Arizona, and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Besides university leadership roles, Chris Schreiber’s experience includes supporting many higher education clients while working for international technology companies.

This varied experience in campus and industry leadership roles has given him a deep understanding of how to improve information security at higher education institutions.

Follow this link to Chris’ biography to learn more, including links to webinars and other content.

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