CISO Coaching Services for Higher Education

Get expert guidance and support from an experienced higher education cybersecurity leader to strengthen your institution’s information security strategy.

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CISO Coaching Services

In addition to our online tools, CampusCISO offers CISO coaching services designed specifically for higher education.

Add expertise to your university cybersecurity team and get ongoing guidance from a higher education expert who has over two decades of experience, including university CISO and service provider leadership roles.

  • Our coaches can augment your team and provide a valuable outside perspective as you strengthen your cybersecurity strategy.
  • Our services are designed to support the unique needs of higher education.
  • Get access to a professional with more than two decades of experience supporting institutions of all sizes.
"Chris was uniquely positioned to provide an assessment... he has deep understanding of both industry and higher ed, and knows what is pragmatic..."
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Why CISO coaching?

Designed to support the unique needs of higher education, our services augment your team. As a trusted advisor, we help streamline your strategy planning process and strengthen your security program, reducing risk to your institution.

Additionally, CISO coaching is a cost-effective way to access experienced professionals without the costs associated with hiring a traditional consultant.

Build a lasting partnership with our 3-step approach

Our experienced professionals provide you guidance on the latest trends in cybersecurity using a 3-step approach that includes:

Review Capabilities

Complete a cybersecurity program assessment using CYBER HEAT MAP. Compare your capabilities against higher education compliance and research requirements. Understand your program's maturity level and identify potential gaps.

Prioritize Improvements

Get advice on where to direct your scarce resources. Learn what solutions are available to solve your current challenges and explore what approaches work at other institutions.

Guide and Review Strategy

Receive guidance as your information security program matures and threats evolve. Leverage our broad visibility across higher education and the cybersecurity vendor space to ensure your plans reflect current best practices.

Credentials and Experience

With CampusCISO coaching services, you’ll get support from an experienced leader with a deep understanding of the unique needs of higher education. 

Chris Schreiber has over two decades of experience in leading technology and information security programs for universities, including multiple university CISO roles. He uses this experience to provide you with personalized guidance and support to strengthen your institution’s cybersecurity strategy.

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Benefits of CISO coaching

Our CISO coaching services are an affordable way to augment your existing team with additional experience and expertise.

You can get help to complete your capability assessment with low-cost coaching workshops, or you can sign up for an annual retainer for ongoing guidance and assistance.

We provide our coaching services as a fixed fee retainer, so you can be confident you’ll get the help you need with no hidden fees or budget overruns.

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Kent State Case Study

But don't just take our word for it! Take a look at how we've helped Kent State University maintain and strengthen their information security program.
Case Study

Combine CISO coaching with other affordable services to strengthen your cybersecurity

CampusCISO provides a range of services with flexible pricing options to fit every budget, including our CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessments, compliance analysis reports, vendor research, and staff skills assessment capabilities in an online portal tailored to the unique needs of higher education. 

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