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Let's get you started with CampusCISO!

I’m looking forward to helping you get started with using your CampusCISO membership!

To get the most out of our 30 minutes together, please take a few minutes to review the resources below before our call.

— Chris Schreiber

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to complete your assessment

This video helps you get started with using CampusCISO™ and the CYBER HEAT MAP® cybersecurity capability assessment tools.

You’ll learn about the website navigation, review how to complete a cybersecurity capability assessment using the CYBER HEAT MAP tool, and how to upgrade to premium services that are available through the CampusCISO website.

How to get help using CampusCISO

Tutorial Videos

We’re creating shorter tutorial videos (versus the longer intro video above.)

If you have a question about the site, let us know. We’ll use your feedback to prioritize future tutorials.

Submit requests through the portal

Screenshot showing the "Submit feature request" link with a circle around it

Once your account is setup, if you need a vendor added to the solutions directory, have an improvement idea, or need to report a bug, you can use the feature request link after signing into the portal.

Contact us via email

For urgent support issues, you can email [email protected]

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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