Map out your cybersecurity strategy with CampusCISO research and planning tools.

Accelerate your strategy development process with reference data and tools designed to help college and university leaders compare and improve their cybersecurity capabilities

CampusCISO offers a range of research and planning tools to help colleges and universities plan their cybersecurity strategy after completing the assessment.

Our tools help you make informed decisions about your cybersecurity program and prioritize new investments. With CampusCISO, you can be confident that you are making the right decisions for your institution. Our research and planning tools use the results from your CYBER HEAT MAP assessment to help you map out an improvement roadmap and strategy.

Services to help plan your cybersecurity strategy

Capability Improvement Recommendations​

CampusCISO helps prioritize potential improvements areas to address capability gaps identified in your assessment. The recommendations are based on your current capabilities, available staff skills, compliance requirements, and more.

  • Address capability gaps identified in your assessment
  • Prioritize technology gaps based on your institution’s goals
  • Prepare a strategic roadmap to invest in new solutions

Vendor Directory

We curate a directory of over 900 vendor solutions that are mapped to the CYBER HEAT MAP capabilities. This is a valuable resource to help you identify solutions that can help address your capability gaps.

We crowd-source our data using input from other higher education institutions, so you gain valuable insights into what solutions other institutions use for their cybersecurity needs.

  • Browse a directory of over 900 vendor solutions used in higher education
  • Leverage crowd-sourced data from other institutions
  • We map each solution to the CYBER HEAT MAP assessment framework, helping you identify which vendors can help you address gaps at your institution 

Vendor Ratings and Reviews

It can be challenging to find reviews of vendor solutions that are specific to higher education. That’s why we’ve added new features to allow you to see reviews from other higher education leaders and provide your own insights.

The reviews provide insights into how well different solutions fit the challenges of securing a higher education environment.

Connect with Peers

CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE connects you with peers at other institutions.

When you are researching a vendor, if you can complete a CYBER BRIDGE request. CampusCISO will email users from other institutions, prompting them to complete a vendor review or respond to you directly via email.

You can learn more about CYBER BRIDGE here.

Compliance Analysis Reports

CampusCISO provides compliance analysis reports that help you understand how your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities align with industry standards and regulations.

  • Review how your capabilities align with frameworks, such as NIST 800-171
  • Identify areas for improvement based on the frameworks that matter to your institution
  • Reduce the time and effort your team spends responding to audits and assessments
  • Preserve documentation of your compliance readiness at a point in time with saved snapshots

Risk Profiles

Our Risk Profiles simplify how you incorporate cybersecurity risk into your strategy and planning processes.

The Risk Profile helps you understand how a cybersecurity incident might affect various functions of your institutions and prioritize potential improvements based on this information.


Our benchmarking tools allow you to compare your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities with peers. This helps you see how your program compares and identifies areas where you can improve.

Team Skills Inventory and Training Recommendations

CampusCISO™ Advanced members can collaborate with their entire team on the assessment process. Part of this includes an individual “Skills Inventory” that allows team members to indicate their current experience with a capability and their desire to get training to enhance their skills.

Once you complete your assessment, CampusCISO helps you develop staff training plans that complement your overall improvement priorities.

  • Identify areas where staff training can improve capabilities
  • Develop training plans that align with overall priorities
  • Improve and maintain staff skills and knowledge that support your capabiity goals

We also offer CISO Coaching Services to help augment your team with additional guidance and expertise

In addition to our research and planning tools, CampusCISO also offers CISO coaching services where experienced professionals provide guidance on the latest trends in cybersecurity and help you develop a plan that meets the unique needs of your institution.

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