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CampusCISO Pricing Options

Higher education institutions can join CampusCISO for free. Members can buy upgrades to use enhanced features and can purchase affordable CISO coaching services.

CampusCISO Membership

You can choose from three CampusCISO pricing tiers, including the FREE Community edition.

CampusCISO Community membership provides access to the CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment tool. This also enables you to research vendor options to help plan your cybersecurity improvements.

CampusCISO Essential membership provides additional reporting capabilities, including a readiness report to show how well your existing capabilities prepare you to meet requirements from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and NIST 800-171.

CampusCISO Advanced membership lets you collaborate with your entire team. In addition to working together to complete the assessment, the team skills inventory helps you assess your team’s current strengths. It also helps create training plans that align with the rest of your capability assessment. 

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Get CampusCISO Community membership for free with a valid university email address


Free cybersecurity capability assessment and planning tools designed for higher education
FREE for higher education institutions
  • CYBER HEAT MAP cybersecurity capability assessment
  • Explore vendor directory mapping over 600 solutions to CYBER HEAT MAP
  • Explore and compare demographic data from over 4000 institutions
  • Free support to research new vendors and add them to the directory
  • Periodic online "Community Forum" meetings to share feedback and collaborate with other users
  • Single user (cannot share access to your assessment)
  • Ability to purchase optional workshops and coaching services


Additional planning features help strengthen your institution's cybersecurity capabilities
$ 999
per year
  • (Or $99.00 per month)
  • All COMMUNITY membership features
  • Report showing your institution's cyber risk profile and demographic data
  • Report showing prioritized capability improvement recommendations
  • Compliance analysis comparing capabilities to NIST requirements
  • Single user (cannot share access to your assessment)​
  • Over $1,000 in discounts for optional paid workshops and services


Streamlined cybersecurity and workforce skills assessment and planning tool for universities
$ 1,999
per year
  • (Or $199.00 per month)
  • All COMMUNITY and ESSENTIAL membership features
  • Enhanced capability assessment with staff skills inventory module
  • Report showing prioritized staff training recommendations
  • Priority support to research new vendors and add them to the directory
  • Multi-user support to collaborate with team members
  • Over $2,000 in discounts for optional paid workshops and services

CISO Coaching Services

Coaching services are a great way to get up to speed on how to use the CampusCISO website quickly and easily. We offer services in a variety of formats, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Members can see detailed pricing information after registering. Simply click “Purchase CampusCISO Upgrades” from the account management menu to see available options and pricing.

All CISO coaching services will use the CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment tool throughout the engagement. 

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation to explore how CISO coaching services can help your institution.

Available CISO coaching options

One-time Coaching Workshops

  • One-time strategy coaching workshops (starting at $2,499)
  • Get expert insights to help get the most from your CampusCISO membership with in-person or virtual workshops.
  • Premium CampusCISO members get special discounts for coaching workshops.

Annual CISO Coaching Retainers

  • Annual coaching retainers (starting at $4,999 per year)
  • Get ongoing access to a higher education cybersecurity expert to help guide your institution’s information security strategy.
  • To learn more about CISO coaching retainers, please book a free consultation to explore available options.

Our pricing philosophy

We understand the challenges that colleges and universities face, including limited budgets and complex technology ecosystems.

After supporting higher education institutions of all sizes for over 20 years, we built an online community that reflects this need for affordable cybersecurity guidance to help colleges and universities simplify and strengthen their cybersecurity strategies.

We follow a simple core principle that makes us different from many consulting and vendor review services:

The tools you rely on to plan your cybersecurity strategy should NOT consume a significant percentage of your security budget.

The free Community Membership tier allows institutions to complete a cybersecurity capability assessment, research vendor solutions that can help address capability gaps, and review recommendations about improvements they should consider in their planning process.

As each new member completes their assessment, all of our members benefit from better insights into what cybersecurity capabilities higher education institutions have adopted and what vendor solutions are being used successfully to support these capabilities.

Many schools will find that the free features are enough to augment their security planning processes. For schools that want more advanced planning or team collaboration capabilities, our premium subscriptions offer many additional features.

We offer two premium membership tiers that provide additional features. These features include performing a gap analysis comparing your current cybersecurity capabilities against NIST requirements, having access to more robust reporting and planning tools, and the ability to collaborate with your entire information security team on the assessment process.

We also offer strategy workshops and CISO coaching retainers to help our members with added support for their cybersecurity planning. Most institutions can use the assessment tools without assistance, but coaching customers get an expert on “speed dial” who can streamline the process and help teams get more from the tool. These affordable coaching engagements give your team a boost to help review and plan your cybersecurity strategy.

Absolutely not! Your assessment answers are private to your account and the team members you invite to collaborate with you. (Team collaboration features are only available to paid Advanced membership subscribers.)

CampusCISO generates demographic data based on your answers to help the entire user community. We classify your answers using standard categories, such as whether your institution is public or private, enrollment size, etc. We do not link any of your answers to a specific institution in these demographic datasets. The demographic data helps us tailor recommendations for our members based on a broad view of the higher education cybersecurity landscape.