PREVIEW - CampusCISO Advisory Services

This is a preview of new CampusCISO advisory services that support consultants, vendors, and others who provide cybersecurity solutions to higher education clients. These services will be available March 2024.

If you're interested in exploring our advisory services for your firm, please book a meeting using the link below. This will help us understand your needs to see if CampusCISO might be a fit.

Preview of new Advisory Services

CampusCISO Consultant Membership

Consultant membership provides you the ability to use the online cybersecurity assessment and planning tools through the CampusCISO portal.

These are the same tools we use to support our executive coaching and advisory services, and we’ve used them successfully with numerous higher education leaders.

The tools help institutions assess the current cybersecurity technology portfolio, identify and prioritize gaps, and provide planning tools and reports for executives at the institution.

Over the past 2+ years, we’ve found these planning tools are best used with CIOs or highly strategic CISOs who have budget authority for cybersecurity investment decisions.

CampusCISO Advisory Retainer

Again modeled on the services we provide to higher education institutions, the new Advisory Retainer provides coaching and support for consultants, sales teams, and others who support higher education clients and want to better understand the higher education cybersecurity solutions market.

Since our founding in 2021, we have worked with ~150 leaders from colleges and universities, helping them assess their cybersecurity portfolios and create investment roadmaps for new products and solutions. 

We’ve also built one of the largest directories mapping cybersecurity tool adoption to higher education institutions. Our vendor solutions directory is crowd sourced from education leaders and includes 1,300 vendor solutions.

While we have mutual non-disclosure agreements in place with all our clients and cannot discuss specific institutions or provide sales leads, our visibility across the higher education landscape provides a unique perspective into the cybersecurity needs and purchasing priorities of institutions.

Disclosure Statement

CampusCISO is a trusted partner providing cybersecurity strategy planning and advisory services to the higher education community. We don’t decide for institutions; instead, we equip them with affordable and effective tools and services to evaluate their cybersecurity capabilities and make informed decisions about their future strategies.

Our expertise comes from nearly three decades of experience in university technology and information security leadership. This experience, combined with our established relationships across higher education and the cybersecurity industry, gives us a unique insight into the trends and opportunities in the higher education cybersecurity landscape.

Each year, we conduct dozens of briefings and workshops with campuses and security providers, covering technology companies and service providers relevant to higher education, irrespective of their affiliation with CampusCISO. Our growing directory of 1,300 cybersecurity solutions, crowd-sourced from our campus members, provides an unparalleled view of the vendor solutions in use across higher education.

Our comprehensive and vendor-neutral approach has made us a sought-after partner for both institutions and industry providers. While our primary clients are colleges and universities, we also serve consultants & cybersecurity vendors who support higher education institutions with access to our planning tools and advisory services.

Our mission is to empower educational institutions to manage risk more effectively, without making cybersecurity planning tools and advisory services a major expense in their already tight technology budgets. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions, tailored to help higher education institutions protect their data and systems by fortifying their cybersecurity strategies.