CampusCISO 3.0 Pre-Launch Specials

A new version of CampusCISO is coming!

Over the past year, over 150 members have joined the CampusCISO community. We’ve been taking notes about what works well for them, and what could be better.

We’re excited to launch the new CampusCISO 3.0 portal in February 2024!

What's new in CampusCISO 3.0? Pretty much everything!

  • New! Brand new application architecture for enhanced performance: Experience a smoother, faster CampusCISO 3.0 for optimal productivity.
  • Streamlined user workflow: Simplify your assessment process and unlock insightful planning and benchmarking reports.
  • Integrated user support chat features: Say goodbye to scattered communications – consolidate all your interactions with CampusCISO in one place. (Already live on our current website!)
  • New! Support for multi-location members: Foster collaborative assessments across locations and gain comprehensive reporting for parent organizations.
  • New! CampusCISO Consultant licensing: Empower your organization to use CampusCISO’s planning and assessment tools with your education customers for improved outcomes.
  • New! Budget-friendly virtual CampusCISO Compass group coaching: Get expert help with your assessment and cybersecurity planning without straining your budget.

Up to $8000 in promotional savings for early adopters!

We couldn’t have built this site without the financial support and product feedback from our early adopters. So we’re offering promotional packages to thank those of you who’ve supported CampusCISO.

We appreciate your collaboration and support over the past year!

Image of a "Sale" price tag

Complimentary CampusCISO Compass membership for early bird premium members

Our mission is to cultivate a collaborative community for leaders in higher education cybersecurity and technology. We’ve observed that members who use our coaching services get greater value from our tools. However, we understand that not every institution has the budget for our weekly one-on-one coaching retainers.

That’s why we’re introducing CampusCISO Compass, a novel coaching solution that offers subscribers weekly access to group coaching workshops.

In celebration of the CampusCISO 3.0 launch, we’re offering complimentary access to CampusCISO Compass for all members with a paid CampusCISO annual membership prior to the launch!

Not a subscriber yet? Don’t worry! If you purchase a paid annual membership before the CampusCISO 3.0 launch, you’ll also receive a free Compass membership!

$499 value!

Save on CampusCISO Multi-Location membership and free upgrades for current Advanced members

We understand that larger institutions must support multi-campus or distributed IT scenarios. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new CampusCISO Multi-Location membership. 

This new license tier will enable institutions to collaborate with distributed locations and departments using a parent-child relationship. The parent organization will gain visibility into overall cybersecurity capabilities, tool adoption, and more across all locations.

In celebration of the CampusCISO 3.0 launch, we’re offering a complimentary upgrade to CampusCISO Multi-Location for all current CampusCISO Advanced members!

In addition, you can purchase a new CampusCISO Multi-Location membership for the same cost as CampusCISO Advanced until the launch date. Don’t miss this limited-time offer!

$3000 value!

New discounts and bundle options for online purchases

Our goal is to ensure that CampusCISO services are affordable for institutions of all sizes. We’ve provided a streamlined self-service subscription option through our website, and we’re also introducing exclusive online savings for members who purchase premium services online. 

You can save $5,000 on annual memberships by purchasing online instead of using manual purchasing processes.

If you purchase a new paid annual membership and coaching retainer as a bundle through our online portal, you can save an ADDITIONAL 5% on your purchase!

Our online purchase discounts make it easy to earn significant savings for your institution while also enhancing your cybersecurity planning tools.