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New features: February 2023

New features released as part of update We added some significant new features in the latest  CampusCISO web portal update. Look for tutorial videos explaining

Screenshot - Manage Team - Edit existing accounts

Team managers can edit account details

Update name and role for existing accounts If you have the CampusCISO™ Advanced subscription, you can invite your team to collaborate on your assessment and complete

Screenshot - Adoption Lifecycle

Updated capability lifecycle options

New “End of Life” adoption level Based on user feedback, we’re always improving the CYBER HEAT MAP assessment process.  We added the latest feature at

Screenshot - CampusCISO System Updates

Review and vote on features requests

What happens after submitting a feature request? After submitting an idea for improving CampusCISO, what happens next? First, you’ll get a confirmation email. If we

Learn how CampusCISO can help simplify and strengthen your cybersecurity strategy planning

Introducing CampusCISO

This quick overview shows how CampusCISO helps colleges and universities simplify and strengthen their cybersecurity strategy.