Clarifying Institution Profile data entry

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(March 20, 2023)
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Updated budget data entry instructions

We updated the instructions for entering your budget information in the “Update Institution Security Profile” data entry screen. The original data entry instructions were not consistent between the headcount and budget sections.

Old instructions

For headcount, the original instructions said to count security as part of the total IT headcount, but for budget the instructions said to exclude security budget from the total IT budget.

This was leading some users to enter inconsistent data in their forms.

New instructions

Most users were entering a total budget number that included the security budget, so we adopted this as the new data field.

If you already included your security budget in the total, you do not need to make any changes. We’ve already taken care of the changes.

If you did NOT include security budget in your total, you will need to update the value to include all IT spending.

We also updated the far right column to show security spend as a percent of total IT spend.