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About CampusCISO

Our mission is to help colleges and universities improve their cybersecurity posture by providing affordable cybersecurity planning solutions. We believe that every school should have easy access to expert guidance, and we intentionally created a business model that ensures even schools without large budgets can take advantage of our services.

CampusCISO is the brainchild of Chris Schreiber. After over two decades of helping colleges and universities improve their cybersecurity, Chris set out in 2021 to create a company that focused exclusively on helping higher education institutions simplify and strengthen their cybersecurity strategies.

We developed our online tools as an offshoot of our CISO Coaching services. We needed tools to support coaching engagements, and we transformed these internal consulting tools into a low-cost online resource that all colleges and universities can take advantage of. 

We developed these tools and our CISO coaching services in consultation with higher education leaders to support the unique needs of colleges and universities. We designed to our services to simplify how college and university CIOs and CISOs plan their cybersecurity strategies, although other leaders such as CFO, risk management, and audit executives have also used our services and provided feedback.

CampusCISO believes in a pragmatic approach to cybersecurity. We understand that every institution has unique needs and constraints, and our tools help you make informed decisions that align with your institution’s specific circumstances.

We want to help you make informed decisions about how and where to invest your limited resources in new tools and services.. The CYBER HEAT MAP assessment lets you see how vendor solutions fit into a repeatable cyber resilience planning framework, so you can identify areas where you might have gaps or redundant solutions.

About CISO Coaching Services

At CampusCISO, our CISO Coaching Services are all about empowering you. We’re not here to do the work for you, but to provide expert guidance and feedback that helps you navigate the unique cybersecurity landscape of higher education.

As a trusted advisor, we collaborate with you to evaluate your cybersecurity program, understand complex frameworks like NIST 800-171, and make informed decisions about new investments. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently lead your institution’s cybersecurity program.

Our CISO coaching services are provided by Chris Schreiber, a seasoned leader in higher education with over two decades of experience in leading university technology and information security programs, including multiple university CISO roles. 

Chris’s deep understanding of the unique needs of higher education makes him an invaluable resource for your institution.


We designed our services to support the individual who manages your institution’s cybersecurity strategy. This could be the CISO, CIO, CTO, or another executive if they have responsibility for multiple areas that include cybersecurity.

While the most common scenario is to engage a CISO coach to help a person who is new to the role, we also work with experienced executives who value having a trusted advisor to use as a sounding board as they navigate and plan their strategies. We can tailor our services to fit your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Unlike a vCISO or consultant who may assume operational responsibilities or manage specific projects, a CISO coach primarily offers guidance and advice to help you evaluate and plan your strategy.

A coach can work alongside a vCISO or consultant, offering valuable perspective and helping navigate unique challenges, such as cultural differences in higher education versus other verticals.

Yes, a CISO coach can work with a vCISO or a consultant. The different services are not mutually exclusive and can complement each other based on your institution’s needs.

For instance, if you hire a vCISO who has little experience in higher education, the coach could help them navigate the cultural differences. This collaborative approach ensures that all aspects of your cybersecurity strategy are effectively addressed.

You usually hire consultants to execute and complete specific project tasks. A CISO coach serves as your strategic partner and advisor. The coach offers advice and guidance drawn from their extensive experience working with multiple institutions, supporting you in assessing potential projects and navigating any challenges that may arise.

Remember, the final decisions about how to manage your information security program always rest with you. The coach’s role is to empower and assist you as you navigate the complexities of managing cybersecurity at your institution. A consultant’s role is to implement the specific projects you’ve contracted with them to complete.

We offer CampusCISO Navigator Coaching Retainers as a one-year engagement. Typically, this includes weekly video calls with you and other members of your team that you choose to bring into the discussion. This is a very flexible option, and we can adapt based on your needs and desired outcomes.

The CampusCISO Pathfinder Strategy Workshops are available as either a virtual or in-person session. The in-person workshops usually span two consecutive days with up to 4 hours per day. Engagements can be extended or renewed based on the evolving needs of your institution.

CampusCISO Membership

You can sign up for a free consultation on our website. After reviewing your needs, we’ll help you pick the best option for your institution.

Coaching retainers start for as little as $499 per year, and all coaching customers can also get a free Community Membership. (Coaching customers get $5,000 in discounts for the online membership, since we use the CampusCISO tools to help facilitate coaching sessions.)

CampusCISO is a self-funded limited liability corporation (LLC) that doesn’t rely on outside investors or vendor marketing to shape our services.

We work with coaching customers on retainer. Our business model allows us to keep our costs down by avoiding typical activities that add overhead. We rely on automation, keeping things simple, and focusing on how we can help our members with their security strategies.

We also offer premium memberships that provide additional features, including more robust reporting and planning tools, as well as the ability to collaborate with your entire team on the assessment process.

Our primary goal is to provide value to you, our customer, by offering affordable and effective cybersecurity solutions.

We believe that effective cybersecurity planning shouldn’t be a major expense in an educational institution’s budget. We understand the financial constraints many schools face and we’re committed to providing top-tier cybersecurity tools and coaching services at an affordable price. Our goal is to empower schools to manage their cybersecurity risks more effectively without the need for expensive consultants or services. We’re here to support you in protecting your institution while respecting your budget.


CYBER HEAT MAP is a cybersecurity capability assessment tool that helps assess your current cybersecurity capabilities and plan for future improvements. All CampusCISO membership plans provide access to the CYBER HEAT MAP assessment. All coaching engagements use the CYBER HEAT MAP framework to facilitate the coaching engagement.

CYBER BRIDGE is a set of collaboration tools created by CampusCISO to connect CampusCISO members with their peers at other institutions. 

CYBER BRIDGE tools enable members to contribute vendor reviews to help other institutions research vendor options. Members can earn points for their institution by providing information that contributes to this shared knowledge repository. 

Beginning in 2024, institutions can redeem points for discounts, free consulting calls, and other valuable services. As our membership grows, we will further enhance this service to provide more opportunities for members to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each other.

CampusCISO relies on crowd-sourced input from members. This fosters collaboration and the open exchange of ideas. For example, the vendor solutions directory is 100% sourced from requests received by members. Vendors cannot ask to be added to the directory. 

All members can access the CYBER BRIDGE tools to contribute vendor reviews and take part in other collaboration opportunities. This even includes members with a free CampusCISO Community membership.

Payment Methods

You can purchase CampusCISO Memberships online using a credit card. For coaching retainers and for institutions that cannot pay by credit card, we can also accept purchase orders.

Data Ownership

When an institution creates an account, the account manager has full control over their assessment details. The institution owns their assessment details, while CampusCISO owns the benchmarking data derived from the assessments. As part of our service, we aggregate anonymized assessment information to create benchmarking data that benefits the entire member community.

When we aggregate the benchmarking data, we identify the contributing institution based on a combination of 3 values:

  • Public vs Private institution;
  • 2 year or 4 year institution; and
  • the number of students using the 5 size buckets assigned in the US Department of Education IPEDS database.

Absolutely not! Your assessment details belong to your institution, and are only shared with those you invite to collaborate with you.

When individual users who complete a Skills Assessment as part of the CYBER HEAT MAP assessment, the skills inventory data is associated with that individual user. 

Each user has full control to add or remove their assessment answers. If a user is deleted from the system, we permanently delete all of their associated skills inventory answers. We do not incorporate individual skills inventory answers in the benchmarking dataset.

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