Strengthen your university’s cybersecurity with the CYBER HEAT MAP ® capability assessment.

Evaluate the maturity of your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities and identify areas for improvement in just a few hours!

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CYBER HEAT MAP Cybersecurity Capability Assessment

CampusCISO offers a powerful tool to help colleges and universities evaluate their cybersecurity programs’ maturity – the CYBER HEAT MAP cybersecurity capability assessment.

With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, it is more important than ever for institutions to have a strong cybersecurity program in place.

How it Works

1. Complete your online assessment

Most institutions can complete the assessment in just a few hours, and it provides a detailed report on your institution’s cybersecurity program capabilities. 

The tool helps you create an inventory of the technical capabilities you’ve deployed and also collects some high-level demographic information and key administrative controls.

2. CYBER HEAT MAP helps simplify your cybersecurity portfolio

CYBER HEAT MAP simplifies your cybersecurity vendor portfolio using a matrix format that summarizes your entire cybersecurity program on a single page.

Along one axis, there are technical capabilities that a university should plan for in order to build a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy. Along the other axis, there are different levels of operational maturity, referred to as operational readiness levels.

* The summary matrix report is available to customers who purchase CISO coaching services.

3. We help you identify gaps and prioritize potential improvements

Once you complete your assessment, CYBER HEAT MAP helps you identify capability gaps and prioritize potential improvement areas.

We incorporate a number of factors to provide recommendations based on your institution’s unique profile. This includes reviewing what capabilities you have in place, whether you own solutions that could address the gap, whether the capability supports compliance requirements, and more! 

4. You can research which vendor solutions fit your needs

We maintain a directory of almost 800 vendor solutions to help you research potential approaches for improving your cybersecurity capabilities.

We crowd source our directory based on requests from CampusCISO users, so the vendors and solutions reflect approaches that are being used in higher education settings.

* And coming in Spring 2023, we’ll be adding more features to help you review vendors that you use in your environment, see reviews from other institutions, and more!

We also provide planning tools to help you make informed decisions about your cybersecurity program

CampusCISO provides tools to help you plan after completing the CYBER HEAT MAP assessment. Some of these features include:

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Prioritize new investments
  • Benchmark against peers
  • Prioritize training opportunities

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