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Cybersecurity Capability Assessment for Higher Education

Quickly review your university’s cybersecurity program and identify potential gaps

Want to simplify your cybersecurity capability assessment and strategy planning processes?

As a higher education technology leader, you know cybersecurity is critical to protecting your institution. However, keeping up with the latest trends in vendor solutions and fitting them into a holistic strategy can be daunting.

That’s where the CYBER HEAT MAP cybersecurity capability assessment comes in.

This tool helps identify your current cybersecurity capabilities and operational maturity level. It also highlights potential technology gaps, saving you valuable time when prioritizing investment decisions.

Using CYBER HEAT MAP, you can:

  • SIMPLIFY your understanding of the cybersecurity capabilities needed to meet research contract and compliance requirements
  • VISUALIZE your current cybersecurity capabilities and identify gaps against your desired maturity goals
  • CLARIFY your priorities when identifying potential improvement goals to meet compliance requirements and reducing risk to your institution
I was simply blown away by the comprehensive nature of the CampusCISO application.

Understand how your cybersecurity solutions fit into a holistic strategy

CYBER HEAT MAP simplifies the complex cybersecurity vendor landscape using a matrix format that can show your entire cybersecurity program on a single page.

Unlike frameworks that assess cybersecurity programs based on process maturity, CYBER HEAT MAP focuses on how an information security team typically grows in their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.

Along one axis, there are technical capabilities that a university should plan for in order to build a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy. Along the other axis, there are different levels of operational maturity, referred to as operational readiness levels.

This straightforward capability heat map helps you visualize both your current security capabilities and technology gaps that may leave you vulnerable to cyber threats.

By mapping results against maturity, the report reflects that cybersecurity improvement is a journey. Institutions should build a foundation around fundamental cybersecurity capabilities before investing in more advanced solutions that enable higher levels of operational readiness.

The CYBER HEAT MAP summary matrix helps visualize how your tools and capabilities support different levels of security operations as your team evolves and matures.

Confidently answer when asked what other cybersecurity capabilities your institution should consider

Evaluate and prioritize technology investments

Using CYBER HEAT MAP helps evaluate your cybersecurity investments based on what tools your security team needs at each stage of operational readiness.

The tool is easy to use. After completing a simple survey, it maps your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities to show technology coverage at each stage of operational readiness. It also highlights any areas of concern, such as tools that are deployed to support a higher operational readiness level while there are gaps at lower readiness levels.

Using CYBER HEAT MAP helps identify what operational readiness level your current cybersecurity solutions can sustain. It also helps identify gaps that may hinder your team’s ability to support your security and risk management goals.

This knowledge helps prioritize where to invest scarce resources when considering new cybersecurity investments.

Screenshot showing how CYBER HEAT MAP helps identify vendor solutions for capability gaps
CYBER HEAT MAP includes a directory of vendor solutions mapped to each capability

Identify vendor solutions that can help address gaps

After completing your capability assessment, CYBER HEAT MAP can help identify potential solutions to address gaps in your institution’s cybersecurity program.

By mapping vendor solutions to the capability framework, the tool simplifies determining whether new solutions can help improve your cybersecurity posture.

The directory of solutions and services is vendor-neutral and constantly growing. If you want to add a new solution to the directory, CampusCISO members get free support to research the vendor and map their solutions and services to the CYBER HEAT MAP framework.

Future versions of the CampusCISO portal will enable members to review the vendor solutions they use at their institutions. The goal is to provide a one-stop tool to assess your security capabilities, identify potential solutions that can address capability gaps, and research which solutions are used at other colleges and universities. 

Plan for federal cybersecurity requirements

Universities must comply with many cybersecurity requirements. One of the more recent shifts is the need to protect sensitive research data by following NIST 800-171, “Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations.” Although this requirement first impacted universities through their research contracts with government agencies, the Department of Education also urges institutions to protect student financial information using this standard.

If you subscribe to one of our premium CampusCISO memberships, CYBER HEAT MAP can help evaluate gaps against these federal requirements. Our compliance analysis reports compare your current cybersecurity capabilities against requirements such as:

Based on this gap analysis, you can prioritize potential cybersecurity investment by considering both federal guidelines and your institution’s risk management goals.

Identify priorities for staff training

CampusCISO™ Advanced membership provides many benefits, including the ability to collaborate with your entire team on the assessment and planning process. This allows you to identify which capabilities can be supported by your team’s existing experience and skills. The CYBER HEAT MAP skills inventory module also helps you prioritize training opportunities to align with your solution investment roadmap. The skills inventory and capability assessment modules share data, helping to prioritize both your cybersecurity investment roadmap and your training priorities.

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