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Discover our exclusive online strategy planning tools, designed with insights from higher education leaders, and choose from 4 membership tiers to empower your cybersecurity strategy and protect your campus.

Exclusive Tools for CampusCISO Members

Join CampusCISO and gain immediate access to our suite of higher education cybersecurity strategy planning tools. We built these tools with insights and feedback from a community of higher education cybersecurity leaders, and they’re designed to simplify and strengthen your institution’s cybersecurity strategy planning processes.

We believe that budget constraints shouldn’t turn cybersecurity planning into a large financial burden. That’s why we offer free membership with the option to explore affordable upgrades and CISO coaching services.

But that’s not all – your free membership also connects you with a community of leaders from other institutions, enabling collaboration and shared learning. This way, you can benefit from our services while also contributing to a collective knowledge base of leaders from other institutions.

Tools Designed with Higher Education in Mind

At CampusCISO, we understand the unique challenges that higher education institutions face. That’s why we’ve designed our tools with these challenges in mind, focusing on four key areas:


Every school should have easy access to expert guidance. That’s why we carefully designed affordable services, including a freemium model for CampusCISO memberships.

US-based colleges and universities can sign up with just an email address. You don’t need to provide a credit card or payment information to get started.

Tailored for Higher Education

We tailored our tools to the unique context of higher education. For example, our planning tools reflect the compliance needs of higher education institutions. 

We also pre-loaded the system with data from the US Department of Education IPEDS and National Science Foundation HERD surveys. This helps you establish a baseline for comparison with other institutions and saves your team valuable time rather than forcing them to enter data that’s accessible elsewhere.

Insights from a Community of Like-Minded Peers

CampusCISO is more than just a set of tools – it’s a community. You gain access to resources developed with the collective wisdom and insights of other higher education leaders. 

For example, our curated directory of vendor solutions includes 1,300 cybersecurity solutions that are crowd-sourced from other CampusCISO members. 

This helps you research vendor solutions based on what’s used in higher education rather than relying on vendor marketing or industry analysts. We also provide the ability for members to submit their own vendor ratings and reviews to help share your perspective about which solutions work in higher education and why.

Unique Benchmarking Data

Have you had to answer how your information security program compares with peer institutions? Or needed to answer whether other schools have deployed a particular technology capability you’re considering?

Our benchmarking data is unique – you won’t find the kinds of comparison reports and metrics we provide elsewhere. We built our tools to help you understand how your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities compare with higher education peers.

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Thoughts from our founder

Chris Schreiber headshot photo

Chris Schreiber, CISM

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As someone who’s supported colleges and universities his entire career, I understand the unique challenges that institutions face. That’s why I created CampusCISO: to provide a platform where schools can share information, research vendors, get benchmarking data for their cybersecurity programs, and simplify how they assess their program and plan for the future.

One of my goals in creating CampusCISO was to streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks so that teams can spend more of their time doing security.

CampusCISO is more than just a set of tools – it’s a community. A place where you can learn from your peers, understand your institution’s cybersecurity maturity, make informed decisions about your cybersecurity investments. Our benchmarking data is unique – you won’t find this information anywhere else. And our vendor research tool streamlines cumbersome processes like sending emails to a listserv and hoping for a response.

How CampusCISO Membership Supports Your Institution

CampusCISO offers three membership tiers, each designed to meet the unique needs of higher education institutions and build upon the features of the previous tier. Click each membership level to see an explanation of the included features.

The Community membership offers access to our CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment tool and vendor directory.

This subscription is free with any paid CISO Coaching retainer.

Evaluate your cybersecurity maturity

Our CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment provides a comprehensive online method of evaluating the people, processes, and tools that support your cybersecurity program goals.

Prioritize new investments

Our planning tools guide your decision-making process, helping you prioritize potential investments in cybersecurity based on your current capabilities, compliance needs, and cybersecurity risk characteristics.

Discover vendor solutions

Our curated vendor directory includes almost 1000 solutions that are crowd-sourced from other CampusCISO members. This helps you to research vendor solutions based on what’s actually used in higher education settings.

Collaborate with peers

CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE offers a unique online forum for institutions to share insights and ideas, making peer learning more efficient than traditional methods like email lists.

CampusCISO Essential includes all the features provided by CampusCISO Community. In addition, this upgrade offers additional planning features, benchmarking reports, compliance analysis reports, and details about your institution’s unique risk profile.

Analyze your compliance readiness

We help you evaluate how your cybersecurity capabilities support frameworks like NIST 800-171, reducing the time and effort your team needs to spend completing assessments.

Benchmark against peers

Our benchmark reports help compare your program with other institutions. These reports also help you track your progress over time with saved snapshots and comparison scores.

Understand what factors contribute to your risk

Our Risk Profile Report helps you understand the potential impacts of cybersecurity events on your institution. Using data from your assessment and other sources, we help you understand the relative risks a cybersecurity could pose to your operations and then use this information to help prioritize potential improvements.

CampusCISO Advanced includes all the features included in CampusCISO Community and Essential. In addition, the Advanced membership provides enhanced capability assessment, which includes a staff skills inventory module and support for unlimited users.

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Include your entire team in the planning process

Cybersecurity responsibilities typically span a broad range of IT roles. The CampusCISO Advanced membership lets you include an unlimited number of team members in the assessment process. Rather than collecting data from your firewall or identity management teams, you can include them and gain further insights into your cybersecurity capabilities.

Evaluate and align your team skills

With CampusCISO Advanced membership, you can evaluate your team’s skills and technical training interests. This helps you align your team’s professional development plans with your cybersecurity goals and needs.

Coming soon!

We’ll begin supporting Multi-Location customers in February 2024! Stay tuned for updates!

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Success Stories

CampusCISO has helped dozens of colleges and universities strengthen their cybersecurity strategies. We have dozens of member institutions of all sizes, including small private 4-year colleges, 2-year community colleges, and large complex research universities.

Download the case study to learn more about how Kent State University leveraged CampusCISO to secure their institution.

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