Connect with peers through CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE™

Connect and collaborate with other CampusCISO members. Share your experiences and learn from others through our CYBER BRIDGE service and vendor reviews.

CYBER BRIDGE Collaboration and Networking Tools

It’s difficult to find higher education peers with knowledge about specific vendors or solutions.  Leaders often resort to using email lists or their personal network when looking for feedback from other campuses.

CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE helps connect higher education cybersecurity leaders to share their insights. This service provides a unique opportunity for you to share your knowledge. It also helps our members make informed decisions when selecting vendors for their institution.

How it Works

1. Send a CYBER BRIDGE request to other members

The CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE service lets members to send anonymous requests for feedback about a particular vendor solution.

CYBER BRIDGE builds community by encouraging participation among members. You use “points” to send requests, and you earn points by responding to others’ requests.

You can select different audiences to reach more members:

  • Sending a request to all members who have a particular solution in their inventory uses 5 points
  • Sending a request to all members who use a vendor (including other solutions) uses 10 points
  • Sending a broadcast request to all CampusCISO members uses 25 points

2. Other members receive and respond to your request

Other members who receive the CYBER BRIDGE request can provide an anonymous review of the vendor. They can also choose to connect with you via email to discuss the vendor in more detail. 

By responding to your request, other members can earn points for their institution. Institutions can use the points to send CYBER BRIDGE requests or redeem other membership rewards.

3. If a member chooses to connect by email, you will both receive an introduction with your contact information

It can be frustrating to find other higher education peers with firsthand knowledge of a vendor. Often, leaders rely on email lists and hope that the right person happens to see and respond to your query.

With CYBER BRIDGE requests, your email goes directly to other CampusCISO members. If they are able to help, the system sends an email introduction to both of you so you can collaborate directly.

4. Earn points by participating in the CampusCISO community

And for those of you with a competitive side… 

The points leader board lets you compare your points earned with other CampusCISO members

You can earn points by collaborating with other CampusCISO members and contributing to shared knowledge resources.

  • When you complete your institution’s initial assessment, you will earn 100 points that can be used for CYBER BRIDGE requests and other membership rewards.
  • When you complete a new vendor solution review, you’ll earn 1 point.
  • Watch for special events and promotions throughout the year to earn additional bonus points.

Ready to get started?

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