CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE: Connect and Collaborate with Higher Education Cybersecurity Leaders

Discover how the CYBER BRIDGE™ service helps you connect with peers, share experiences, and learn from others in the higher education cybersecurity community.

CYBER BRIDGE Collaboration and Networking Tools

At CampusCISO, we understand the value of peer-to-peer learning and collaboration in higher education cybersecurity. That’s why we developed CYBER BRIDGE, a unique set of tools that helps you connect with other CampusCISO members and share your insights.


CYBER BRIDGE is a new service to help CampusCISO members connect with other members.

Today, the CYBER BRIDGE service includes vendor research requests. It lets members send anonymous requests for feedback about a particular vendor solution.

We are also launching weekly online member forums in late October 2023. These will provide an opportunity for members to discuss topics driven by members themselves.

As a new service, we’ll be working with our growing member community to enhance CYBER BRIDGE tools over the coming year, focusing on making it easy to connect and share insights among peers.

Thoughts from our founder

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Chris Schreiber, CISM

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One of my goals with CampusCISO was to create a place where college and university leaders could come together and share information with their peers so they could make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategies.

With the introduction of CYBER BRIDGE, we’re taking the next step in our journey to support higher education cybersecurity leaders. We’re excited to work with our growing member community to enhance these tools over the coming year, focusing on making it easy to connect and share insights with other institutions.


Vendor Research Requests

Send a CYBER BRIDGE™ request to other members using points. Other members who receive the request can provide an anonymous review of the vendor. They can also choose to connect with you via email to discuss the vendor in more detail. If a member chooses to connect by email, both of you will receive an introduction with your contact information.

Screenshot - CYBER BRIDGE new request
Send a request to your selected CampusCISO member audience
Screenshot - Review a new Signal Flare request
When users receive your request, they can provide anonymous reviews of the vendor solution
Screenshot - CYBER BRIDGE connection email
Recipients can also choose to connect with you by email, allowing direct private conversations about the vendor

Earn Points by Participating in the CampusCISO Community

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Members can earn points for their institution in several ways:

  1. Submitting Vendor Reviews: Share your experiences with different vendors to help other members make informed decisions.
  2. Responding to Research Requests: Help other members by providing valuable feedback to their vendor research requests.
  3. Attending Member Forums: Participate in our weekly member forums to discuss member-driven topics and learn from others.

These points are then used to initiate your own research requests, making the collaboration not only free but also limiting access to those who are active in the CampusCISO community. 

This system encourages members to contribute to the collective knowledge of the community, enhancing the value of CampusCISO for everyone.

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