CYBER BRIDGE™ – new name for CampusCISO networking features

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(July 17, 2023)
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Signal Flare is now CYBER BRIDGE™

We’ve continued to develop our member networking and collaboration tools. As part of this process, we’re consolidating the collaboration and vendor research tools under a new name: CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE.

We’ve updated the name already throughout the site, but we may have missed a few instances with the old Signal Flare name. If you find one, please let us know by submitting a bug fix request through the site.

CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE - logo with white background

Continuing to evolve based on user feedback

With this change, we are building the site around two core services:

  • CYBER HEAT MAP® services include the core cybersecurity assessment and recommendations tools. This includes the assessment worksheets, skills inventory worksheets, and recommendations and reports.
  • CYBER BRIDGE™ services include the networking and collaboration features provided to CampusCISO members. This includes the ability to send requests to members asking for vendor feedback and the ability to rate and submit reviews for vendor solutions. We will add more collaboration tools this fall, including regular online member forums and more.

Continue to send us your ideas

Our goal is to provide the tools and data that institution leaders need when planning their cybersecurity strategies.

If you have ideas that would make the site more useful for you and your team, please let us know!

You can always submit feature requests through the website. Just click the “Submit feature request” link in the website header after signing in.