Are you ready for CampusCISO 3.0?

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(February 27, 2024)
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We're starting the move this week!

We’re looking forward to helping you get started on the new CampusCISO 3.0 site!

This is a complete re-write of the application, and, if you’re one of the early adopters, this is your chance to help shape the product development as one of our first users.

If you have an active CampusCISO account, you should have received an email with instructions for migrating to the new platform.

Important Migration Dates

February 27: Content Migration Begins

We will begin migrating data from the site on February 27. The first step will be to copy the old data for import into the new system.

Any changes, new snapshots, or other updates users make to their CampusCISO 2.x instance after the migration begins on February 27 will not be available in CampusCISO 3.0. 

We also will not be adding new vendors to the directory during the migration window.

February 29: Old site shuts down

The old site will no longer be accessible beginning on February 29.

If you have an active coaching retainer, we will download copies of the key reports prior to the shutdown. This includes the assessment answers, improvement recommendations, compliance analysis, risk profile, and the solutions inventory.

If you elect to migrate your data into the CampusCISO 3.0 portal, all of your existing snapshots will be replayed into the new environment.

March 1: Begin migrating CampusCISO Coaching customers

For customers with an active coaching retainer, we will use our regular weekly meetings to help migrate to the new platform. No action is needed.

We will also proactively download the latest reports from the system for our coaching customers, so they’ll be preserved in case you didn’t get a chance to download them.

March 4 - June 30: Migrate non-coaching CampusCISO members

Beginning on March 4, CampusCISO members who do not have a coaching retainer can schedule an appointment to migrate their account to the new platform. We have sent an email to the registered account owner for each account with a calendar link to schedule these appointments.

Migration is by appointment only, since the process is not fully automated.

July 1: End of migration support

All good things must come to an end! On July 1, we will purge any CampusCISO 2.x data that has not been migrated to the new platform.