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At CampusCISO, we empower educational institutions with affordable and effective cybersecurity strategy planning tools and advisory services. We believe in helping you manage risk more effectively without making cybersecurity advisory services a major expense in your budget.

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Simplify Your Cybersecurity Planning with CampusCISO

As a CIO or CISO at a college or university, you face a tough task. You need to protect vast collections of sensitive data stored in large technology environments that rival many Fortune 500 organizations. You also have limited resources to achieve your goals, so every decision is a careful balancing act to mitigate risk, stay within budget, and respect the unique cultural norms of an academic institution.

CampusCISO is here to help. We offer cybersecurity advisory services specifically designed for higher education institutions. We aim to strengthen your cybersecurity strategies, ensuring that your new cybersecurity investments align with your needs and support your goals.

What We Offer:

  • Tailored Cybersecurity Advisory Services: Our expert guidance helps you evaluate the maturity of your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities, identify capability gaps, prioritize new investments, and develop a roadmap for achieving your goals.
  • Online Cybersecurity Planning Tools: Through a CampusCISO Membership, access our suite of online tools to streamline your cybersecurity assessment and planning process.

Why Choose CampusCISO?

  • Expertise in Higher Education: We understand the unique challenges and cultural norms of academic institutions.
  • Resource Optimization: Our services are designed to help you make the most of your limited resources.
  • Strategic Planning: We provide clear, actionable plans to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

Effective Cybersecurity Planning Tools

We help higher education institutions improve their cybersecurity capabilities with our affordable online cybersecurity planning tools.

Designed by higher education leaders to address the unique needs of colleges and universities, our online planning tools provide you with a range of features:

  • Assessment: You can complete an online CYBER HEAT MAP assessment in less than a day to get a detailed view of your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities and how your cybersecurity technology investments fit into a holistic resilience strategy.
  • Planning: Our Improvement Recommendations report helps you identify capability gaps and prioritize potential cybersecurity investments based on your assessment data.
  • Vendor Directory: We curate a directory of 1,300 vendor solutions that are crowd-sourced from our member institutions. This helps you make informed decisions about potential cybersecurity investments that are used in higher education settings.
  • Network with Peers: Our CYBER BRIDGE service helps you network with peers at other institutions through online member forums and with vendor research tools.

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Our Cybersecurity Advisory Services provide you with expertise you strengthen your team’s cybersecurity planning efforts. Our experienced leaders have a deep understanding of the unique needs of higher education. 

We offer both in-person workshops to quickly complete an assessment of your environment and annual retainers to provide ongoing support throughout the year.

Members with a CISO Advisory Retainer can save $5,000 per year on their CYBER HEAT MAP membership!

Kent State Case Study

Learn how Kent State University uses CampusCISO services to maintain and strengthen their information security program.
Case Study

Get the Answers You Need About Your Cybersecurity Capabilities

As an experienced executive, you face complex challenges when managing your institution’s cybersecurity program. 

We tailor our solutions to the needs of higher education and provide easy-to-understand answers backed by data from our community of members. Use our online resources to shape your strategy and refine it with insights from other executives.

CampusCISO Community Membership

Join the growing CampusCISO member community to access our exclusive cybersecurity assessment and planning tools. (With our exclusive $5,000 discount for Advisory Services customers, you can access CampusCISO Community for FREE!)

CampusCISO Community helps you answer key questions about your cybersecurity strategy, including:

Cybersecurity Evaluation

How mature is your institution's cybersecurity capability? Our CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment provides a streamlined method of evaluating the people, processes, and tools that support your cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity Investment

What are the most important areas for new investments in cybersecurity? Our Improvement Recommendations report helps you prioritize potential investments based on your current capabilities, compliance needs, and cybersecurity risk characteristics.

Cybersecurity Solutions

What tools could help address your capability gaps? Our solutions directory helps you to identify potential vendors that are used at other higher education institutions. It's a valuable research tool that includes 1,300+ solutions crowd-sourced from our members.

Collaborative Learning

Is there an easier way to collaborate with and learn from my peers? CampusCISO CYBER BRIDGE offers a unique online forum to share insights and ideas, making peer learning more efficient than traditional methods like email lists.

Unlock more benefits with our premium membership options

Upgrade your membership to access advanced reports and planning tools that provide deeper insights, including additional data to enhance your cybersecurity strategy planning. Check out our premium membership plans.

Compliance analysis and reporting

We help you evaluate how your cybersecurity capabilities support frameworks like NIST 800-171, reducing the time and effort your team needs to spend completing assessments.

Benchmarking and analysis

Our benchmark reports help compare your program with other institutions. These reports also help you track your progress over time with saved snapshots and comparison scores. Discover how your program compares to peers with our benchmarking and analysis.

Risk assessment and reporting

Our Risk Profile Report shows the relative impact of different cybersecurity risks on your institution. Using data from your assessment and other sources, we help you understand and prioritize your risks.

Collaboration and training

With CampusCISO Advanced membership, you can evaluate your team’s skills and training interests. This helps you align your team's professional development with your cybersecurity goals and needs.

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