At CampusCISO, we help higher education institutions strengthen their cybersecurity strategies.

Our online tools and CISO coaching services were developed by higher education leaders to support the unique cybersecurity planning needs of colleges and universities.

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If you're a university CIO or CISO, our planning tools will simplify your cybersecurity assessments and help you make informed decisions to improve your security capabilities.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions that help higher education institutions protect their data and systems by strengthening their cybersecurity strategies. Our comprehensive online planning tools and expert CISO coaching services help you evaluate the maturity of your institution’s cybersecurity program, identify capability gaps, prioritize new investments, and develop a roadmap for achieving your goals.

Kent State Case Study

But don't just take our word for it! Take a look at how we've helped Kent State University maintain and strengthen their information security program.
Case Study

Most college and university technology leaders have similar questions about their cybersecurity programs.

As a CIO or CISO at a college or university, you probably have questions you need answered to support your institution’s cybersecurity program. We understand the challenges that you face, and we’ve developed solutions to help you find the answers you need.

Here’s how we help you get answers to the most common questions we hear when talking with higher education leaders:

How mature is my cybersecurity?

Our online assessment tools help you evaluate your cybersecurity program, build an inventory of cybersecurity solutions you rely on, and identify areas needing improvement.

What capabilities does my institution need?

We help you compare your cybersecurity capabilities against frameworks like NIST 800-171 to reduce the time and effort your team needs to spend completing assessments.

How should I prioritize new investments?

Our planning tools help you prioritize potential new investments in cybersecurity based on your current capabilities, compliance needs, and more

What solutions can help reach my goals?

We help map your current and potential new cybersecurity solutions to create a holistic cyber resilience strategy and investment plan for your institution.

What solutions are my peers using?

We help you research solutions that are used at other colleges and universities so you can make informed decisions about your own cybersecurity investments.

How does my program compare to peers?

We help you benchmark your capabilities against other colleges and universities so you have data to compare your program and track progress over time.

We help you get answers quickly so you can get back to leading your cybersecurity program.

Many CIOs and CISOs we meet with express frustration about how much time and effort their security teams spend completing cybersecurity audits and assessments. We designed our tools to streamline the assessment process and remove common obstacles so you can get back to managing security again!

We also realize that different schools have different budgets and needs, so you can choose from two core solutions that help you plan your cybersecurity and get the answers you need:

  • Online cybersecurity assessment and planning tools
  • Executive CISO coaching and advisory services

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Cybersecurity Planning Tools

Our online tools provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use method for assessing and improving your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities.

Designed by higher education leaders to address the unique needs of colleges and universities, our tools provide you with a range of features:

  • Assessment: You can complete an online CYBER HEAT MAP assessment in only a few hours to get a detailed view of your institution’s cybersecurity capabilities and how your cybersecurity technology fits into a holistic resilience strategy.
  • Planning: Our planning tools help you identify capability gaps and prioritize potential cybersecurity improvements based on your assessment data.
  • Vendor Directory: We maintain a directory of almost 800 vendor solutions that are crowd-sourced from other higher education institutions. This helps you make informed decisions about potential cybersecurity investments.

Executive CISO Coaching

We can all benefit from having a trusted advisor we can turn to for advice and feedback about our cybersecurity strategies.

CISO coaching services are a cost effective way to augment your team with personalized guidance and support that helps you navigate your cybersecurity planning.

Some benefits you gain from CISO coaching services include:

  • Expert guidance: Get advice and insights from a leader who has over 20 years of experience helping colleges and universities improve their cybersecurity.
  • Strategy development: We help you develop a comprehensive and holistic cybersecurity strategy that is tailored to your institution’s needs and goals.
  • Vendor research: With so many vendors and solutions to choose from, it can be difficult finding ones that are right for your institution. We help you research options and see how they fit your program capabilities.
  • Program management: Managing cybersecurity at a college or university can be challenging, especially with limited staff resources. Our coaching provides executive advisory services to augment your team and help you reach your goals.